Large Hadron Collider(LHC)

The LHC(Large Hadron Collider) is world’s largest particle physics laboratory in the world operated by CERN at Switzerland, is ready to start its operation for the third time in May. The LHC is basically a 27km long narrow circular pipe which collides particles called Hadrons.

Functioning of LHC

To simply put LHC collides subatomic particles by accelerating them close to the speed of light in a narrow long pipe. This is done by applying magnetic field to the particles which moves them in semi-circular path and then the direction of magnetic is reversed. By this way switching the direction of magnetic field the particles (mostly protons) are accelerated.

The effects of Collision

When these particles are collided new particles are created under the guidance of fundamental forces of nature, this is how we got the Higgs Boson in 2012.The released during the collision is however less than what you might produce by clapping you hand!!!. But what makes it important is that this energy is packed into a volume of a size of proton. Making the energy density very high.

 The Findings of LHC

Using data from the collisions, Scientists have tested the prediction of the Standard Model of particle Physics, the reigning theory of subatomic particle physics. Scientists have also observed exotic particles like pentaquarks and tetraquarks and checked their properties are in line with the theoretical predictions. And creating conditions that existed right after the Big Bang.

What lies ahead?

 What LHC hasn’t been able to find is the “New physics”. Which could explain things like dark matter, dark energy, and the unified theory including gravity. Scientists have suspected that maybe a more massive collider would be able to dive deep into the realm of subatomic particles but that is also quite questionable case. As we don’t know how much more energy is needed to create new particles.


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