What is Environmental Ethics?

Environmental ethics is a field of study that seeks to understand human`s moral obligations to protect and preserve the environment. Environmental ethics seeks to bring together the interests of both humans and environment, recognizing that both are independent and have intrinsic value.

Importance of Environmental Ethics

  • Helps in sustainable development and management of resources.
  • Essential for protecting biodiversity.
  • Emphasizes the interconnectedness of all living things and the need to respect them.
  • Promotes better public policies and laws.

Exploitation of Natural Resources for Energy

With unprecedented development in both developed and developing countries. Exploitation of fossil fuels and natural gas for energy generation rises the concern regarding the extent to which human can exploit nature for material development.

Can Material development come at the cost of environment?

Sustainable development as put forward by 1992, Rio declaration is our only way to ensure that development does not come at the cost of nature. And we can advance further in harmony with environment.

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