Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Humanity

Why are we so worried about artificial intelligence? surely humans can always pull the plug?

People asked a computer, ‘Is there a God?’ And the computer said, ’There is now’, and fused the plug.

In the evolution of life in 13.8 billion years, something beautiful has happened. Atoms and molecules have combined in a manner to give consciousness and life. Humans with a recorded history of about 4000 years and a preceding history of the evolution of primates of about 70000 years. We homo-sapiens survived all the other primates attributing to our intelligence. All animals can improve their brain functioning through biological evolution like us. We are surely smarter than our ancestors. But now with the advent of Artificial Intelligence human race has a new competitor in the survival of the fittest race.

How intelligence develops?

In humans and all other organisms, intelligence develops by every generation through biological evolution. But it took us thousands of years to get from scratching our heads with fire to a moon landing. But this is not the case with computer processing power. Moore`s law states that the computing power doubles approximately every 2 years. This means that the intelligence of computers doubles every 2 years!!. Biological evolution can never match this.

The problem

The problem arises when the A.I. would start redesigning itself. When it will become smart enough to optimize and overcome its limitations without any human input. AI models are built on a large input set of data to solve a given problem. Many problems today we face can be solved with the help of AI. We can just design a poverty eradication scheme with the help of AI or build an efficient economic model. But what if?AI could develop a will of its own, a will in conflict with ours. say you are not a cruel human being who would step on an ant colony, but if you are in charge of a hydroelectric power plant you would not mind flooding an ant hill. Let’s not place humanity in place of ants. A better plan for the future.

The solution

Should we shut down all research and development in the field of machine learning and artificial intelligence?-NO. Provided the many applications of artificial intelligence we have seen. Such a decision out of fear sounds like a Hollywood sci-fi movie would not be a good move. But what we need to ensure is that the government, leading tech giants, and all the stakeholders should come together to make a safe environment for a better future. Artificial intelligence has shown immense potential in the field of medical sciences, a recent development is that Neuralink is planning to conduct trials on human brain-computer interface to reverse paralysis in people with spinal cord injuries.

When we invented fire, we messed up repeatedly, then invented fire extinguishers. With more powerful technologies such as nuclear weapons, synthetic biology, and strong artificial intelligence, we should instead plan ahead and aim to get things right in the first place.

Our future is a race between the growing power of our technology and the wisdom with which we use it. Let’s make sure that wisdom wins.

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