Small Modular Reactors

Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) offer a promising avenue for India’s transition to cleaner energy sources and its pursuit of net-zero emissions. However, navigating the legal and regulatory landscape, enhancing safety standards, addressing public concerns, and ensuring international cooperation remain vital steps in realizing the potential benefits of SMRs in India’s energy sector.

General Properties of Nucleus

The study of the general properties of nuclei provides a deep understanding of the fundamental constituents of matter and their interactions. This knowledge not only informs nuclear and particle physics but also has applications in fields such as nuclear energy, medical imaging, and astrophysics. As our exploration of nuclei continues, we uncover the intricate details of the subatomic world that shape our understanding of the universe.

The History of wave-particle flip flop

The journey to understand the nature of light evolved from conflicting models to the realization of wave-particle duality. From Descartes’ particles to Huygens’ waves, Young’s experiment, Maxwell’s electromagnetic waves, Planck’s quanta, and De Broglie’s dual nature, the intertwined dance of light and matter led to a unified understanding of fundamental physics

Neutrinos Illuminating the Secrets of the Milky Way

In June, researchers released what might be the most unusual portrait of the Milky Way yet. For the first time, astronomers have charted our Galaxy using something other than light rays-a finding that heralds a new way of studying what goes on in the busy centre of the Milky Way.